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IPM (Ignition Practice Manager) is a practice and motivation tool for musicians.

IPM Defined

Ignition Practice Manager is an application to track and manage musician practice sessions. It replaces physical notebooks and journals and tracks goals, tasks , songs, etc. for easy recall and search. This practice data can be viewed with charts and dashboards to show progress and motivate the musician. It's not meant as a guitar teacher replacement and is not a song tab site.

IPM Motivation

Ignition was an idea I had for a very long time. A project that would "scratch my own itch" as they say. I always wanted a better way to manage my guitar practice sessions and goals. Notebooks and journals fill up, get lost, and can't easily be searched etc. I hope others find this useful for their practice needs.

What it is

A better way to manage and track a musicians practice and goals.
An application to improve skills through better practice and organization.
A way to visualize progress and provide a history and feedback to see improvements.

What it isn't

Not a shiny game to learn an instrument.
Not a replacement for a music teacher.
Not a miracle 30 minutes to success ripoff.
Not a replacement for hard work and dedication.
Technical Details:

Built with .Net on the backend, Angular on the frontend and a SQL Database on Azure.