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G.A.S.Man (Gear Acquisition Syndrome Manager) is a Gear Collection and Studio Inventory Manager for musicians.

Do you have so many guitars you can't remember what strings are on them? Do you forget which guitars you even have currently!!?? What mods you have made? What your studio consists of? How many pedals you have??

More Feature Details

G.A.S.Man is a gear collector and inventory management tool for musicians. Keep track of details of musical instruments, studio gear and other items. Create an inventory including total values, reporting/print options, and insurance information. Detailed information can be saved along with photos for proof of ownership and other insurance details. Manage your guitar collection and know what strings are on what guitar, when they were last changed and set alerts for when to replace them. Create image galleries for yourself, to show people or for insurance purposes.

So much more is planned!!

Technical Details:

Built with a .Net Core API, Blazor WASM with SyncFusion on the frontend and SQL Server running on Azure.