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Collectasaurus :: Beer Can Collection Manager::


will manage and visualize US Beer Can Collections...


  • Know Everything about your can collection.
  • Organize what cans you want and need. (Wish List Manager)
  • Manage all images in one place (Image Manager)
  • Know quickly which cans are due for replacement.
  • Find approximate value for your whole collection.
  • Save and print data for insurance reasons (Pro Version)
  • Charts and maps of collection data (Pro Version)
  • Add even more FUN to can collecting!!!!  :)
  • Track all types of Beer Cans: Flat Tops, Cone Tops, Pull Tabs, Gallons, etc.
  • Charts to visualize all Can Data. (Pie, Bar, US Map, and more)
  • Gauge View of collection totals.
  • Grid and Card Views for easy searching, sorting, and grouping. 
  • Collectasense™ - Internal Can knowledge base gives tips when adding cans.
  • Image Manager for can photo organization (and basic editing).
  • Wish List Manager for organizing the Cans you Want!
  • Wish List document editor.
  • Export to Excel and PDF
  • Up to 8 images associated per can.
Technical Details:

Built with .Net Core on the backend, Angular on the frontend, SQL server, all running on Azure.